The Best Teethers For Your Baby To Chew On


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Teething In Babies

Teething is one of the few developmental milestones that no parent looks forward to. It brings pain to little mouths along with many sleepless, stressful nights for parents who just wish they could take the pain away. In this article, we will look into what teething is, how to know when your little one is teething, and how you can help. We will then look into the top teething products available on the market today, review them, and come to a verdict on the best teethers to buy for your little one.

Signs Of Teething

How will I know if my baby is teething? One of the first signs that a baby is teething is that they become more fussy than normal for no apparent reason. A baby who previously only cried when wanting to be fed, changed, snuggled, or put to sleep may not be consoled by the things that typically help them. They may cry or may seem more irritable than normal.

Another sign of teething is drooling. If a babe who used to have a clean face suddenly starts to drool often and in large amounts, teething could be beginning. Along with the drooling, the urge to chew and suck on objects for most of the day can appear. If a baby suddenly has a hand or toy in their mouth all day, it could be another sign that teething is beginning to happen.

Babies who begin teething may have trouble sleeping. The pain that they are unable to express can keep them up at night. Teething babies may rub at their mouth or face often, they may not want to eat, and the parent may be able to see swelling or bulging on the baby's gums. Teething can even be such a hard process on little ones that it can leave babies and toddlers with a fever or loose stools. It can truly affect their whole body.

When Will My Baby Begin Teething?

The age that babies begin this process can vary greatly from child to child. Teething can start to begin in babies from as early as two months of age. The process can take a while, so even if a baby begins to teeth at two months old, they may not actually get their first tooth until they are around six months old. Teething continues throughout early childhood as children do not have a full set of teeth until they are three years old.

How Can I Help?

With teething being such a long and painful process, it is extremely important that parents are able to help their children through this stage the best that they are able to. Imagine feeling a tooth break through your gums. That same pain is being felt by little ones many times in a row until they have all of their teeth. Thankfully, though this is a painful process for babies and little children, there are many ways that parents can help to ease the pain.

One simple way to help a teething child is by rubbing their gums. The light pressure helps to dull the pain that the little one is feeling. A parent can do this by lightly rubbing the gums of their child with a clean finger. Certain foods can help as well if the baby is at an old enough age to eat. Cold or frozen foods can help to numb the pain with the cold, almost like we use an icepack for injuries. Hard foods may help as well, as long as they are not choking hazards. Peeled cucumbers or carrots to gnaw on may relieve some pain in the mouths of little ones.

If teething is worse than normal on certain days, over-the-counter pain relief remedies may be a good choice. If it is approved by a doctor, baby tylenol or baby ibuprofen may help to soothe teething pain that just won't rest.

Another safe, effective, and simple helper when it comes to teething is baby teether toys. We will look into these toys and the best teethers extensively in this article.


Baby teethers are toys that are made specifically for babies to chew on. Other toys may not make the best teethers if they were not created to be put into a baby's mouth, so having a few toys that are specifically made to be the best teethers can be a helpful tool during what can otherwise be a difficult stage for both babies and parents.

Baby teethers come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are made of a soft silicone while others can be made of hard plastic or even wood. The best teethers typically have a fun design with bright colors, allowing them to be appealing to little ones. It is helpful if they have a slim handle or an opening in the middle of the toy so that it can be easily held in little hands.

Teethers can also have other fun and useful features. Some teethers can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, allowing their cold temperature to give extra relief to sore, teething gums. Some teethers come with different textures that appeal to baby and provide teething relief. Some of the products even have soft bristles, so that if the child already has teeth, their teething toy can help to keep them clean.

Baby teethers are available at a variety of prices. Some higher priced versions may have more added features when compared to versions that do not cost as much. Even with a wide price range, however, these toys are still all available at fairly affordable prices. The best teethers can be purchased in stores that have baby sections or toy sections as well as online from retailers like All of the teethers that we researched and reviewed are available from Amazon.

With how difficult teething for parents and how painful it is for babies and young children, it is important for parents to be prepared with the correct tools. The best teethers can be a big part of this process. Because of this, we have researched and found the top seven teethers available for purchase today. Over the course of this article, we will look into the top seven teethers and review them based on their features, the price that they sell for, where they can be purchased, and the quality of their design. We will then come to a conclusion of which product provides the best teethers.

What We Reviewed

  • Gummy Sticks
  • The Honest Company Teether
  • Mam Bite & Brush Teether
  • Innobaby Teethin' Smart Ez Grip Teether
  • Zoli Bunny Teether
  • Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether
  • Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether

Gummy Sticks

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This teether has a long, easy to hold handle. It's thin enough to be held by tiny hands and long enough to still be found interesting by toddler hands. They come in two colors, bright orange and bright green, so they are appealing to little ones. The soft tip is great for massaging sore gums and they come in a two pack so even if one teether is lost, relief can still be found.


The design of these teethers is functional and appealing to little ones, just as a teether needs to be.

The Honest Company Teether

No products found.


This is a higher priced teether, but its top price comes with added benefits for little, sore gums. The Honest Company Teether is made of soft, chewy silicone and can be put in the freezer for added relief. Its open areas make it easily held by little hands, and its blue butterfly design make it an interesting toy for young children as well.


The design of this teether is well thought out from its ability to be frozen to its cute design.

Mam Bite & Brush Teether

No products found.


This teether serves multiple purposes. It soothes sore gums and also keeps new teeth clean with its soft bristle design. It has the added perk of being extremely affordable as well.


This teether is well designed, shown by its double purpose of soothing gums and cleaning teeth.

Innobaby Teethin' Smart Ez Grip Teether

No products found.


This is a teether that has it all for a medium-range price. Its fruit design is attractive to little ones and its thin handle is easily held by tiny hands. Its soft silicone material quickly soothes sore gums as well.


It is clear that this product was thoughtfully designed when looking at its appearance and functionality alike.

Zoli Bunny Teether

No products found.


This teether has silicone ridges that not only allow for quick teething relief, but also help little hands to easily grip this device.


The easy grip and teething relief that this toy provides shows that it was designed well.

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

No products found.


This teether was made for children who love to chew on their fingers. It's a safe and pain relieving replacement option.


This product was uniquely designed when thinking of its goal of replacing finger-chewing.

Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether

No products found.


This teether seems to have it all and is offered at a low price. It is easy for small hands to hold thanks to its open middle space. It is made up of soft silicone and many different textures to provide teething relief. It even comes with a carrying case to keep the toy clean on the go.


It is clear that this teether was designed well, as it has many helpful features for little gums.

The Verdict

blue teether

Image via Unsplash

Teething is a painful process and its important that parents have the very best teethers to help the sore gums that their little ones encounter day after day. When looking for the right teether, it's important to look at a few specific features. Parents will need to first make sure that their teether is high-quality and made out of safe materials. They may then want to consider what their child enjoys. Do they currently chew on their fingers or do they always have a toy in their mouth? The parents may want to pick a price point that they are comfortable with as well.

After our research and reviewing this list of the best teethers, we have come to a conclusion on what we believe is the top product. We believe that the Nuby Silicone Teeth-eez Teether is the best choice and feel comfortable ranking it with five out of five stars.

This teether is made out of a safe silicone material, so parents do not need to worry about their child spending a lot of time with the toy in their mouth. The silicone is long lasting and durable. The silicone can also easily be sanitized by boiling the toy. If the sanitizing is not enough, it comes with a carrying case to keep the product clean as well.

The Nuby Silicone Teeth-ease Teether is extremely comfortable for teething mouths and sore gums as well. It is soft and chewy, allowing little ones to out pressure where they are feeling their teething pain. It provides multiple different textures including bristles, so if the baby already has a few teeth, the toy can help to keep them clean as well.

We want to help little ones feel as little of the pain that comes with teething as possible, and we want to help ease the difficulty of the process for parents as well. This is our reasoning for putting in the time and effort to find the best teethers available to purchase today. We hope that our research and reviews of the best teethers help you find the best possible product for your teething child. You deserve the piece of mind that you are doing everything possible to help your little one, and their little gums deserve the relief!


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