How To Decorate A Gender Neutral Nursery

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So you are a few months to deliver and wondering what you need to put in order as you wait for your newborn? Among other things, you need a nursery for your baby. Traditionally, most people decorated nurseries with an idea of the gender of the baby. One could decorate in yellow, light blue, and pink, but things have changed significantly over the past few years. Most people prefer to create a gender neutral nursery with the end goal being to achieve a good design as opposed to putting together the traditional girl-boy color patterns.

Designing gender neutral nurseries sounds like a simple process; however, while it might be one of the easiest and most exciting activities when getting ready for the arrival of your baby, it is equally easy to find yourself stuck. For example, you may not be aware of what options to go with when it comes to the color, design, and where to buy the best décor materials and photos to include in the nursery. Read on to learn a few tips on how to decorate a gender neutral nursery successfully and without much hassle.

How Do You Decorate a Gender Neutral Nursery?


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So, you or a friend is expectant and does not know where to begin when it comes to decorating a gender neutral nursery? Whether you are new to parenthood or have already been there, creating a stunning nursery for your baby takes a lot of preparation and consideration. This is even the case when you are planning to decorate a gender neutral nursery. If you are wondering where to get started, here are a few reliable tips to set you off in the right footing:

Choose Your Themes and Color Palettes Well

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While it would appear limited and outdated to focus on having blue and pink colors for the boys and girls respectively, it remains a great default in mainstream decoration for nurseries. However, with designers and shops deviating from this tradition, it is only natural you choose your colors and themes more carefully.

When you decorate a gender neutral nursery, a combination of white and gray colors can create a serene environment. In addition, such a mix makes it easy to customize your nursery when the baby comes. It is a necessary rule of thumb in mainstream décor and even more important when decorating a nursery without the child's gender in mind. Sticking to a partial base leaves you with a room to add any personal touches much later especially after the baby's debut.

​Neutral Gender Does Not Mean No Colors or Patterns

Do not get it all wrong by going with all no-color decorations. It will be uglier. While it is important to be careful with the colors and patterns you choose, you are not limited as long as you combine them naturally. For example, if you have a low ceiling in your room, a bold hue painting or graphic wallpaper can add interest and depth to the space.

Consider a Light Touch


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Move away from the traditional floor-to-ceiling themes and use a light touch as you decorate a gender neutral nursery. While such a theme might help in sprinkling a recurring element within the room, having oceanic elements, furry friends, or geometrics shapes present can make a great environment for babies of any gender. In mainstream décor, less is considered more, especially in the case of themes. All you need to bring the theme home is to carefully place subtle elements in strategic areas. The same applies to designing babies' nurseries.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid as I Decorate a Gender Neutral Nursery?

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There is so much to do when it comes to preparing a nursery for a newborn. Most people think decorating a nursery is all about painting and including one's preferred color palette. We cannot argue against such, but what you need to know is that every step you make plays a significant role in the lifetime of the nursery and health of your baby.

At times, most parents try to include anything in the nursery that they may consider ideal for their young ones; however, some things that you might include in the nursery might be harmful to the young one or even affect their happiness and growth negatively. That is why it is advisable to be careful when choosing what to include in a nursery. Here are some of dangerous mistakes to avoid as you plan to decorate a gender neutral nursery before your baby arrives:

Mismatching in Themes and Characters

Wrong Choice of the Floor Cover


Making the Nursery Extremely Girlish or Boyish

When Should You Get Your Nursery Ready for the Baby?

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While many people face different challenges when it comes to decorating a gender neutral nursery, others have their share of issues in deciding when the nursery should be ready. Lack of proper and prior preparation is the main reason most people find the process of designing a nursery quite challenging and stressful. After all, what can you expect when you start the process when you barely have a week or two until the arrival of your baby?

Prepping for a baby includes picking numerous and different items to include in the nursery. Some of these items may take a lot of time to arrive as well as be ready for the nursery. It is advisable to start the process of decorating your baby's nursery as early as 18 weeks after conception. Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that the nursery is ready by the time the baby arrives.

18-20 Weeks - Settle for the Theme

21-23 Weeks: Get the Right Furniture

23-25 Weeks - Install Wallpaper or Paint the Room

25-27 Weeks - Settle on the Right Storage

27-30 Weeks - Add Any Extras to the Nursery

36 Weeks - The Nursery Should Be Complete

​In Conclusion

Decorating a gender neutral nursery is a concern nowadays not only for new but also experienced parents. It aligns with the recent trend to deviate from the traditional approach where every mother used to design gender themed nurseries for their babies. With the changing environment, it is important to be careful with how you prepare for your baby.

As outlined above, there is a lot that goes into designed a gender neutral nursery aside from the basics of painting, installing wallpaper, and choosing a theme. Prior preparation and budgeting will help you decorate your baby's nursery successfully and hassle-free. You should plan ahead and make good color and theme choices. Above all, ensure that you put the health and happiness of your child in the forefront as you design and decorate the nursery.


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